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We have studied more than two million sales reps over 30 years and are making our insights available to a select set of Sales Consultants and their clients.

Join us on our  LIVE webinarMonday, July 10, 2023, 3:00pm-3:30pm USA Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4), to learn about:

- What do sales leaders need to put in place for sales managers to be successful?
- How often should sales managers coach their reps? Is it possible to have too much coaching?
- What do managers of top performing sales teams do differently?
- What manager skills matter most for building an elite sales team?


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We have used various sales assessment platforms over the last 10 years to evaluate producer hires, both new and seasoned. While they all provided some value, the OMG [Sales Candidate Assessment] is the best. It drills down much deeper into the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses; and by using the assessment’s recommended questions, helps uncover training and sales management needs. Many of the candidates have commented at the conclusion of the call, “This was the most in depth job interview I have ever experienced.”
Billy J. Bond, Jr.
Leavitt Group
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