Recruiting Process Grader

Select the steps you currently include in your formal or informal sales recruiting process. Using the up/down arrows, move those steps into the sequence you currently follow. Complete the requested information below and click Grade My Recruiting Process and we will provide you with a score.
Possible Steps
  • Sales Candidate Assessment
  • Reference Check
  • Receive Resumes
  • Job Description
  • Selection Criteria Review
  • Post on Job Sites
  • Delegate to Recruiter
  • Select
  • Assessment Review
  • OnBoard
  • Establish KPI's
  • Final Interview
  • Conduct Phone Interview
  • Turn on Applicant Tracking
  • Role Specification
  • Score Interview
  • Hire
  • Training
  • High Def Video Interview
  • Coaching
  • Check Google, Facebook and/or LinkedIn
  • Set Expectations
  • Job Offer
  • Face to Face Interview
  • Create Auto Reply Letters
  • Team Interview
  • Resume Review
  • Background Check
  • Write Killer Ad
  • Determine Compensation
  • Setup Automation
  • Score Phone Interview
My Steps