Sales Process Grader

We’re glad you decided to try out our sales process grader! It’s easy to use and the results are instant. First, drag the steps that are part of your current sales process from the "Possible Steps" list to the "My Steps" list. Alternatively, you can click a step and then click the > or < buttons to move it between lists. Second, put the items in the "My Steps" list in the order corresponding to your current sales process by dragging them up and down. Alternatively, select a step and use the up and down buttons to move it.
Possible Steps
  • Quantify the problem
  • Credit worthiness
  • Will spend more with you
  • Negotiate
  • Evaluate the opportunity
  • Identify a need
  • Tour
  • Interested
  • Sell value
  • Intro to decision maker
  • Schedule meeting
  • Have the money/ will spend the money
  • Decision making process/criteria
  • Find compelling reason to buy from you
  • Talk about ROI
  • References
  • Differentialte yourself
  • Trial/Test/Pilot
  • Research lead
  • Proposal or Quote
  • Timeline for decision
  • Meet decision maker
  • Present/demo
  • Handle Objections
  • Meet technical team
  • Value proposition
  • Ask about money or budget
  • Qualified
  • Needs analysis, ID problem, opportunity or pain
  • Sign contract
  • Talk about capabilities
  • Close
  • Engage
  • Receive lead or RFP
  • Cold call, or lead follow up call
  • They are committed
  • Determine fit
  • Who is decision maker
My Steps

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