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Is a Sales Team Evaluation the Answer?

Evaluating your sales team (your people, in the context of your sales systems, processes and strategies) is the most powerful and cost-effective thing you can do.

We expect our analysis to answer four critical questions:

  • Why aren't we more effective?
  • How much more effective can we be?
  • What will it take to accomplish that?
  • How long will it take to accomplish that?

Here's some of what else you can learn from an evaluation: 

  • How Does Sales Leadership Impact Our Sales Team?
  • What Are Our Current Sales Capabilities?
  • How Motivated Are Our Salespeople and How Are They Motivated?
  • Why Aren't We Generating More New Business?
  • Are We Reaching the Actual Decision Makers?
  • Why Isn't Our Sales Cycle Shorter?
  • Are We Selling Consultatively?
  • Are We Selling on Price and Who Can Become a Value Seller?
  • Is Our Value Proposition Consistent?
  • Can We Close More Sales?
  • Do Our Systems and Processes Support a High Performance Sales Organization?
  • Are We Being Consistent with Our Sales Process?
  • How Well Are Our Sales Leadership Strategies Aligned?
  • Do We Need to Change Our Selection Criteria?
  • Is Our Ramp-Up of New Salespeople Fast Enough?
  • Can We Improve Our Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy?
  • Can We Improve Our Sales Culture?
  • Who Can Become More Effective in Their Roles?
  • What Are the Short-term Priorities for Accelerated Growth?
I am a huge advocate of the principle that you need to know yourself and the people you work with in order to manage them effectively. This is why I had my sales team evaluated using Objective Management Group’s sales team evaluation. I thought the comprehensive analysis was incredibly valuable because it analyzed the specific sales capabilities of each individual, in the context of their role in the sales organization. I was not aware of the hidden weaknesses that were interfering with their sales success, and now that I have worked on mine and know those of my people, I can be much more helpful to them.
Charles Assaf
CEO, Orsyp

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