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The OMG SmartSizing Tool

OMG’s SmartSizing tool is the must-have tool for these uncertain times.

If you need to right-size your sales organization and want to consider more than revenue and overhead into the equation as to who to retain and in which roles, OMG’s SmartSizing tool will help you decide! Using sales science and validated predictive findings, OMG’s SmartSizing tool will recommend who to retain based on the results of our Viability Analysis which takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Viability Analysis - Which salespeople are not part of our short-term future?
  • Savings and Opportunity Analysis - How much will we save, and how much potential does our sales force have?
  • Role Analysis - What is the ideal role for each salesperson?
  • Pipeline Analysis - How viable is the pipeline of the candidates for redeployment?

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